The Python Package Index, abbreviated as PyPI is the official third-party software repository for Python.

This is the primary way to install libraries in python. For example, if you want to use tensorflow package, just run the command pip install tensorflow and you will have it installed on your system.

Pip packages, in the most basic sense, are libraries or projects which can be downloaded to a location where all your python packages are stored locally. These can then be imported in your codes as and when required. …

This is a guide on how to create a model to recognize celebrities using a face matching algorithm.

This article includes the following topics:

  1. Guide on using the library and creating your own model.
  2. Publishing a pip package for the repository.

Refer this for detailed documentation.

All the code mentioned in this article is available on my GitHub repository.

Basic working of the model

The basic algorithm of the model includes the following:

  1. Face detection model (currently I am using MTCNN) is used to find faces in the images.

2. The cropped faces are sent to a model called VGGFace. …

Shobhit Gupta

Data Scientist, Deep learning enthusiast

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